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Very well, the Orthopaedic, Anti-Apnoea and Anti-Snore Pillow is for You!


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Worlwide Tele Sales: +(1) 805 288 7333 - +(44) 2032 899 788

Portugal Tele Vendas: +(351) 212421826 - +(351) 962004299
Évora:, R. Chartres 4-B Loja 6, Urb. Horta da Porta - Tel. +(351) 266734032
Vila Real: Ortopedia Real, R. Dr. Francisco Sales da Costa Lobo 19 - Tel. +(351) 259327318

Thailand Tele Sales: +(66) 25 037 762 - +(66) 860 159 570
Bangkok: 176/200 Moo 1 Ratanavalai Seegun Donmuang, 10210

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Models (Euros):

Delivery period: 7 to 10 working days after the payment confirmation.

Each Pillow is supplied with a very easy to use illustrated Manual.

Exchange is possible only after the registration of the Pillow LIC.

The Pillow Lifetime Warranty is activated only after the registration of the Pillow LIC.

The Transportation is done by Registered Postal Mail, with insurance and delivered by hand to your house.

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